The Hajdu-Bihar County Disaster Management Directorate’s essential functions of the county's population lives and property safety, the protection of critical infrastructure components safe operation. The Hajdu-Bihar County Disaster Management is a territorial competence, administrative tasks that perform law enforcement organization.

The county disaster management tasks are to prepare for defense against disasters, the population protection, emergencies prevention and contributing to the eradication of damage. The board of directors performs the professional fire services by county firefighting, technical rescue tasks.

Statutory tasks in order to implement:

  • Industrial safety, fire safety, civil protection, water protection and water management authoritative competences: regulates, permits, prohibits, restricts, controls and sanctions. In order to prevent emergencies it coordinates the activities of other authorities.

  • It possesses important competences in identifying and monitoring the critical infrastructure of the county, and in civil emergency planning.

  • Directly manages the activities of branch offices.

  • Assists the fire associations, the Alliance for Civil Protection and Firefighting works.

  • Powered by the CountyCommission for the Protection disaster management working group, the Operative Staff.

Operating, area of competence: Hajdu-Bihar County Administrative Region